Welcome to MAGNUM The Tasting Room, home of Korea’s largest selection of wines by the sip 30ml, taste 75ml, or glass 150ml. All of our wines are preserved, temperature controlled, and dispensed by WineStation by NapaTechnology. Although we rotate the wines almost daily, the preservation machines are capable of preserving wines in perfect condition for 60 days. We always have at least 36 different wines available, from a broad range of global appellations and varietals, making MAGNUM the Tasting Room the best place to learn about wine, or just enjoy all the world of wine has to offer.

We have 2 locations in Seoul :

1.) Shinsadong / Karosugil Tasting Room


HOURS  –  MENU  – RESERVATION: 02-512-5271

Located inside our flagship Bottle Shop, the Shinsa Tasting Room features our signature collection of 36 wines by the taste, plus a limited menu of hot and cold specialty foods to pair with your favorite drinks. Unique to this location, we allow customers to purchase bottles at retail prices at the Bottle Shop. You can then enjoy the bottle at the Tasting Room with a corkage charge of W 30,000 for wine and W 50,000 for spirits. This allows our customers to enjoy premium and super-premium wines and spirits at the lowest prices in Korea, in a great atmosphere, and with tasty food. Address: 서울 강남구 신사동 530


2.) Hongdae Tasting Room – coming soon winter 2017


Located in HongDae, Seoul’s vibrant neighborhood known for art, culture and nightlife. Aside from our signature collection of wines by the taste, our Hongdae Tasting Room features a full wine list, and a larger menu of unique, specialty and classic foods. Select spirits also available by the bottle.